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Hi! I'm Stephanie Chinn I am an illustrator, Best-Selling author, speaker and body-confidence advocate. My work focuses on illustrating the different ways we can remind ourselves that we are enough the way that we are, while simultaneously unpacking the different ways we have been led to believe we are not. I love to create are on how we can heal, expand and step into our magic.


I began to share my work on Instagram in 2019 and within a year attracted more than 50,000 followers. I was featured in Yoga Journal magazine in January 2020 and was recognized by Adobe in August 2020 as an upcoming female artist. 

I love to draw, but also guide others - mostly women, through workshops around taking up space, unapologetically. I am always interested in collaborating with brands, companies or individuals who values align with mine. 

Check out my best-selling book:

Here Sister, Let Me Help You Up!

Grab a signed copy here

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