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Stephanie Chinn is a best-selling author and published illustrator. She has worked with big brands likes Adobe, Loreal and Nivea - while also working alongside non-profits like Geena Davis Institute.

Her work focuses on women taking up space, unapologetically. She focused on ways we can remind women that they are enough, as they are - while also unraveling the ways we have been led to believe we are not.

Untitled_Artwork 106.JPG

Books + Magazine features
Publishers include: St.Martins Press, Simon And Schuster, Andrews McMeel

Magazines include: Yoga Journal + Health Magazine

Clients + Partnerships
Clients include: Jen Pastiloff, The Birds Papaya, Sheri Salata + more.

Partnerships include: Adobe, Loreal, Nivea, She Recovers

Misc personal projects + work

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