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Here Sister, Let Me Help You Up: Messages of Sisterhood, Self-Care, and Body Love


A collection of original body-positive feminist art from Instagram personality Stephanie Chinn.

You are always enough and never too much!

It’s time to love yourself as you are and support the sisters all around you on their own self-love journeys. Here Sister, Let Me Help You Up offers more than 90 pages of relatable art and inspiring words to encourage self-care, body positivity, and confidence in the different but equal paths we choose.

- Meet your body gently, with truth and love
- Protect your head and heart from negative messages and let positivity flow
- Celebrate your strength and worth in all the seasons of your life

Every page of this beautifully illustrated book guides you past self-doubt and limiting beliefs to embrace the gift of your glorious body and the fullness of your life. It’s only when we realize how much magic we each hold and let it shine (without apologies!) that we can change our lives and change our world for future generations.


*Prices are in USD

Here Sister, Let Me Help You Up (Signed copy) BOOK

  • All booked are signed by Stephanie Chinn. If you would like a personal message in book, leave the request on the check-out page comment section!

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