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The ART of Women Taking Up Space, UNAPOLOGETICALLY.

A 30 day guided coloring book and journal for women longing to claim more of it.

By Indigo, Barnes + Noble and Amazon Best-selling Author and Illustrator: Stephanie Chinn

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Why a journaling coloring book?

Creativity and play are magical portals into us finding more joy, self-acceptance and mindfulness in our lives. Especially, us women who have to ‘do it all’ — play and joy tend to stop being priorities. I preach us women taking up space, unapologetically — it’s the ethos of my work and the core of all I build. All 30 coloring pieces and 30 journaling pages in this book were carefully curated and selected to empower you, while also providing you with TOOLS on how you can practice taking up more space in your life.


 We tell ourselves stories about ourselves, constantly — stories about who we are, what we are capable of etc...part of this journaling coloring book is learning how to tell ourselves new, supportive and empowering stories about ourselves. 

And believe them


As women, we are fed stories that make us feel unworthy, not ‘good enough’ or deserving…this coloring workbook is us unraveling that in a real way. Through therapeutic arts, we can calm our nervous system enough to let new stories sink into our heart and mind, and literally create new neural pathways for ourselves to believe in these new stories. 


This coloring book includes daily journaling prompts to help guide you through taking up more space in your lives — more space for your joy, your dreams, your desires and most importantly — self-discovery. 

Each journaling prompt will lovingly guide you into the coloring page. As you color, you will have a guided intention focused on each topic to let yourself wander, color, and form new self-beliefs. 


As someone who has read (and even wrote lol) all the self-help books, I can tell you — nothing has healed me, my nervous system and my core self-beliefs the way weaving creativity and self-reflection has. Which is why I am so passionate about this book and getting it into the hands of every woman, and young girl, who may need it. 


While this is a 30 day guided journaling coloring book, there is no pressure to do it every day. It can be 30 days over the course of a year. <3

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Now accepting Pre-orders and
offering sponsorship opportunities 

pre-order or sponsor me?

I am so passionate about the importance of bringing this project to life and publishing it myself, but as a small woman-owned business I straight up, need financial help. Pre-orders help back this project and bring this to life for the women who need it. We are a village and this is a reflection of that value of mine. While it is already scheduled to print, pre-orders help me know how many to print and help fund the success of this project. Sponsorships help me market and create outreach for this project to reach more women + young girls.


When will it be published?


Currently, it will be published end of August 2024 and will be mailed out early September 2024. So when pre-ordering, think about how many you may way to get for the holidays, too!

Pre-order + Sponsorship tiers 
All who sponsor ($75+) will have their name included on a sponsor page in the back of the coloring booking! 

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Thank you for supporting my work.

Meet the author:


Stephanie Chinn: Best-selling author of her debut book: Here Sister, Let Me Help You Up, Therapeutic Arts Practitioner, illustrator and founder of Step Into Your Magic. Stephanie's work focuses on reminding women how deeply magical they are, simply by being here.

For all inquires reach out to

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