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Facilitated by Illustrator, Author and Therapeutic Arts Practitioner Stephanie Chinn

What do you need to bring to a 1:1 session?

Journal, pencil and any type of coloring tool

(crayons, markers, colored pencil etc...)


1 Session package $70 - 50 minute session

2 Session package - $130 - Two 50 min sessions  (email to book)

4 Session package - $260 - Four 50 minute sessions (email to book)


If you have any questions about the sessions you can email me at 

Sessions are open to anyone 8 years old +, but please email me before booking first about anyone between the age of 8-18. Thank you!

What is Therapeutic arts? 


Therapeutic + expressive arts is a therapeutic modality used to help you basically take your inner-world, feelings, thoughts, expressions and place them onto paper. Therapeutic arts is 100% about the process and the experience, not the final product. There is absolutely a lot to be discovered about ourselves in the end product, but it is about letting ourselves have permission to explore, get weird and honest with ourselves, and discover more about ourselves and heal in the process.


Why Therapeutic arts over other therapeutic modalities?


For me, I started to use therapeutic arts to pull up what lives in my subconscious when I felt like talk-therapy was not serving me the same way anymore. I used proven, creative practices to go inward and retrain my nervous system to live in a parasympathetic state (relaxed, calm, centered). Art healed my nervous system and helped me fall in love with myself in the process. I started therapeutic arts while I was in recovery and to say it has transformed my life is an understatement. It gave me everything I have now, including the belief that I deserve to take up space and my dream of becoming a therapeutic arts practitioner so I can help heal you, too. 


Afraid of creating? You're not alone. So many of us have an artist or creative wound. Healing this wound can also help us heal our wounds around perfectionism + imposter syndrome in whatever areas of your life it is showing up. Remember, these sessions are not about becoming an "artist", they are about using art as a tool to go inward.


In these sessions we will spend time identifying what is showing up for you and we will spend some time in the creative state, but I will also give you "homework" and ways you can also practice outside of our sessions. 


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