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Step Into Your Magic is a course with crafted workshops, live calls, deep journaling, hypnotic meditations, workbooks & actionable steps designed to guide you into finding where you are standing on the sidelines of your own life, so you can start to show up, and take up space, unapologetically, for your own life. So you can reach up and grab the life of your deepest dreams and desires - And the most beautiful part is you do not have to do it alone. We will be there lifting you up. You will be guided personally by us and the community of women on this journey with you. 


There is a more beautiful and magical story of your life and we want to help you live it and tell it.



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  • Those stuck in a rut and longing for freedom outside of it  (procrastination, perfectionism, fear, imposter syndrome etc...)

  • Those longing to develop a stronger relationship with themselves.

  • Those who desire to know what real joy and liberation feels like. Liberation from who we are told to be. 

  • Those who want to unpack the ways they have been told they are “not enough” and long for the tools to build the story that they are.​

  • Those who know that there is a better, more beautiful story for their life and are ready to dive into exploring that it in a safe, supportive space.​

  • Some part of you is getting in your way (ie. body image, shame, self-sabotage, self- forgiveness) + stopping you from pursing the life you desire.

  • Those who may have a project (book, craft etc..) or a business they long to create/start but keep feeling STUCK, scared or don't know where to start! Or those who do not, but want to discover or reignite a dream. Just the desire to explore is ENOUGH.

  • Those longing for community and connection with people who they can safely explore and do the work alongside. A true sisterhood.​

We will help you:


✨ bring awareness to the stories you have on repeat that keep you stuck in self-sabotaging behavior

✨ develop a relationship with courage so you can dive in even when you're fearful

✨ work on self-narratives that no longer serve you and bringing in new ones that do (stop the loop of self-sabotage) and give you the tools to bring in supportive self-beliefs so you can experience freedom from them.

✨ help you navigate imposter syndrome (the feeling of not belonging) so you can find the job/career of your deepest desires and REALLY believe in yourself

✨ unpack where you may be holding shame stories in your body

✨ guide you into building sustainable confidence + listening to your intuition 

✨ give you the community, support and most importantly - resources to do so 

✨ listen to and heal your inner-child + generational trauma so that you can break the habits around people pleasing + being ruled by fear


Each journey will be custom made for YOU and where you are.


Unlike other courses - we are not going to throw affirmations, google slides and positive words at you and then send you on your way. We are going to dive into YOU, personally, see where you are at, listen to your dreams, where you get stuck and help you through the steps that are relevant to you.


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12 Week Course 

  • One 45 min private call with Stephanie + Kris

  • 18 LIVE zoom calls

    • Soulful Sundays (weekly) Receive live, real-time support & guidance from the Step Into Your Magic team. Each call will be on the topic of the week and will not only leave you feeling informed and closer to yourself, but also refreshed for the week ahead. There will be a live Q+A where you can learn through other people’s questions, with the chance to ask your own. Time on Sundays will be based off what best works for everyone in program and we will provide a replay incase you miss it.

    • Mid-week check in (bi-weekly) An evening during the week, 1 hour will be dedicated to processing what is coming up after listening to the meditations and journaling.  Facilitated by a licensed counselor to assist with questions and emotions that are surfacing.

  • 12 weeks of course material including  workbooks, guided meditations, journaling prompts  etc., that are focused on discovering + unpacking the narratives we tell ourselves that are holding us back and  how to build new supportive ones so you can rediscover who you are and how to build the life of your dreams. Material is available to you for an entire year. So if you cannot join the lives, that is OKAY - you will still have access to Stephanie + Kris and all of the content for a year! 

  • Voxer support with Step Into Your Magic mentors throughout the program.

  • On going community! You will have communication, support and a sisterhood throughout the course AND after the course. We want you to keep a community to keep you accountable during and after!