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Monthly Membership

Who is it for?

Those who know that there is a more beautiful story for their life and are ready to dive into exploring that it in a safe, supportive community.

  • Those who want to unpack the ways they have been told they are “not enough” and long for the tools to build the story that they are.​

  • Those stuck in a rut and longing for freedom outside of it  (procrastination, perfectionism, fear, imposter syndrome etc...)

  • Those longing to develop a stronger relationship with themselves.

  • Those who desire to know what real liberation feels like. Liberation from who we are told to be and into who we ARE and want to be.

  • Some part of you is getting in your way (ie. body image, shame, self-sabotage, self- forgiveness) + stopping you from pursing the life you desire.

  • Those who may have a project (book, craft etc..) or a business they long to create/start but keep feeling STUCK, scared or don't know where to start! Or those who do not, but want to discover or reignite a dream. Just the desire to explore is ENOUGH.

  • Those longing for community and connection with people who they can safely explore and do the work alongside. A true sisterhood.​

We will guide you into your becoming. This isn't a space where we tell you who to be, but rather help you become the version of you that you long for while enjoying the journey in a supportive community. We want to see you, witness you and help you expand. 

Plan is ​$14.99 a month. 
(only two cups of coffee)
cancel anytime


At the core of SIYM is accessibility to a supportive community.  We understand that not everyone can commit to 12 weeks of LIVE calls or fly to see us in person for a workshop, so we made this monthly membership option so that those who still want to integrate magic on their own terms can do so at a lower monthly cost.


Topics will be conjured up & presented each month with correlating workbooks.  You will have access to a closed facebook community as well as a group WhatsApp chat thread where you can communicate back and forth with Steph, Kris and fellow community members. 


Not only will you be invited to 1 monthly LIVE call, you will receive a unique meditation from Steph & an intention setting card pull at the start of each month.  You will also be invited to any SIYM live workshops going on during the month!


The membership option is the happy medium between the deep dive course material & the imposter syndrome that is holding you back from taking up more space!  We see you.  We want you here!   

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