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Monthly Membership

We cannot wait to put our arms around you. 

This membership is for...

Those ready to invest in self-growth and self-discovery in a safe, and supportive community.​ Here is the thing: We don't have to pursue this journey of gaining more confidence, clarity and self-love on our own. There is power in community and we are excited to show you that. 

It will support you by...

  • Helping you unpack the ways you have been told you are “not enough” and tools to build the story that you are.​

  • Help you connect closer to yourself and a like-minded community. ​

  • Bring you new monthly topics (Self-Worth, Confidence, Joy, Money mindset etc..) to help you improve on the areas of life you long to feel more satisfied with. 

Photo credit: Mik from @wmnknd

 This isn't a space where we tell you who to be, but rather help you become the version of you that you long for while enjoying the journey in a supportive community. We want to see you, witness you and help you expand. 

Plan is ​$14.99 a month. 
(only two cups of coffee)
cancel anytime


Photo credit: Mik from @wmnknd

This membership also includes the following goodies...

  • Monthly Guided meditations

  • Tarot card pulls 

  • Monthly Yoga class

  • Bi-monthly book club

  • Monthly call and meet-up

  • Monthly deep dive journal to help guide you through the month

The membership is hosted within Mighty Networks! You can download the app to access SIYM on the go or via web!



Plan is ​$14.99 a month. 
(only two cups of coffee)
cancel anytime


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