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Join us for this once in a life-time transformational experience where we will lay the foundations down for you to explore and expand into the most empowered version of you. During this weekend retreat we will anchor into our intuition and dive into more supportive self-beliefs that we will take with us outside of this retreat. We have so much goodness lined up, and we cannot wait to host you in a safe, and supportive community of like-minded women. It's truly going to be a magical event that you will never forget. I hope you give yourself permission to show up and gift yourself with this experience.

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Buy signed copy of Best-selling book:  'Here Sister, Let Me Help You up'

A collection of original body-positive feminist art from Instagram personality Stephanie Chinn. Stephanie Chinn creates art that celebrates women “taking up space, unapologetically.” Her body-positive self-love message connects perfectly to the current moment, and her original art is a celebration of creativity and feminine power.

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