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I cannot WAIT to travel to Iceland with you! Not only will we discover the magic of this place, we will also spend time bringing out the magic in YOU and spend time reclaiming and liberating that magic. We will be alongside each other standing on the black sands beach, hiking unforgettable land to visit waterfalls, and taking a boat ride to see icebergs and seals. Not only that, but we will spend time on this trip diving into self-love and self-discovery within a truly supportive and like-minded community. I am bringing the magic that is within Step Into Your Magic and bringing it with us to Iceland for a week together! everyone will traveling solo, but you will have me by your side. So no one is really going alone.

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Buy signed copy of Best-selling book:  'Here Sister, Let Me Help You up'

A collection of original body-positive feminist art from Instagram personality Stephanie Chinn. Stephanie Chinn creates art that celebrates women “taking up space, unapologetically.” Her body-positive self-love message connects perfectly to the current moment, and her original art is a celebration of creativity and feminine power.

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