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Intuitive Affirmation Card by Stephanie Chinn


What is this woo-woo witchcraft, you ask:


Affirmation card making is such an spiritual and therapeutic practice for me, which is why I have been so inclinded to teach workshops showing others how to do the same. I have been blown away by the positive response to these workshops, but the number one question I get is "when are you going to create your own deck". The truth is -- I don't know yet, but I do know I love making them AND I love making them for people. It is such an intuitive process of asking for what you need and trusting the words that flow to guide you through.


And now, I want to make one for you...


How this works:

You let me know in the message section on the check-out page where you currently are at in your life. Are you in the middle of a big shift? Going through grief? Working on believing your self-worth? Guide me into where you are at and I will create a 1/1 affirmation card for you with a message for you. Also feel free to tell me what your favorite color is :)


All affirmation cards will also be signed  and numbered by me.

This series is limited to 100 and each one will be signed and numbered with the edition on the back.



They are 4x6 on thick watercolor cardstock, so absolutely could fit in a small frame if you would like to do so.



Want to order more than one? Make sure the message you place in the comment section gives guidance for each one! if it feels like too much for the message section, email me at





Surprise Intuitive Affirmation Card by Stephanie Chinn

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